‘You can get it if you really want’*

*Jimmy Cliff – from ‘The Best of Jimmy Cliff’ Island Records, 1975

To date I’ve talked quite a lot about my research interests and my experiences of using digital media in that field, although I haven’t talked so much about particular craft projects (although I’ve tried to illustrate my experiences of research using craft-related images).

This particular craft project has really challenged me, and has made me reflect on my abilities to stay focussed and get something finished, even through setbacks and an excruciatingly slow and arduous process. It’s a good lesson for other areas of life!

For the best part of this year I’ve been knitting a cardigan from 4-ply merino yarn, using 2.75mm and 3.25mm needles.  The pattern itself doesn’t feature a lace design but I’ve worked this into the garment. It’s taken me so long partly because I only have limited time to knit (with numerous other things going on in my life I squeeze in the odd few minutes here and there in lunch-hours, at the weekly knitting group etc) and due to the nature of the design there is plenty of opportunity for mistakes along the way – which then take a long time to unpick and redo due to the fineness of the yarn and the numbers of stitches.

At times, it’s been quite a demoralising process – so much so that there have been a few occasions when I’ve left the partly completed knitting in a corner to gather dust, wondering whether I will actually pick it up again or just unpick it all at a later date and begin something new.

After a lot of frustration and hard work I’m beginning to feel as if it’s turning into something which will eventually be finished; the end is in sight. And I’m quite proud of it. Maybe soon I’ll be able to post a picture of the finished article (and by soon, I mean hopefully this side of Christmas).  There are still numerous mistakes in the stitches – but it’s satisfying to be near the end of this one and looking forward to the next project.  Something smaller I think.  Much smaller!


Taking shape: nearing completion of an epic project