Autumn is here! New term, new projects, new chaos!

My life in knitting

The first day of October – for me this signals the start of my favourite month, my favourite season and it seems – a life so hectic that if I’m in real danger of missing out and not taking time to enjoy it.
So firstly, it’s the start of term – which means the office is buzzing and it’s all go. Secondly, I’m still busy interviewing, transcribing interviews and gathering material for my PhD project. Thirdly, chorus rehearsals start up again this week, and I’m looking forward to singing and seeing my chorus friends again. So whilst this is all good, I’ve irrationally thought that now would be a good time to have not one, not two, not three, but four projects on the go and counting.

This one has been to Italy and back

Admittedly, one of these is a shawl that I began way back in March whilst on the Chorus tour to Milan which is steadily growing, and my newly found confidence in knitting lace is spurring me on to finish this.

And then, there is a cardigan (another one). This time it’s knitted from the top down, based on a Scandinavian pattern which I downloaded from Ravelry I think. The yarn is recycled, and I love the colour.

Cheap but definitely not nasty

And then there is a knitted jumper dress in a surprisingly nice Acrylic yarn which I picked up in Wilkinsons of all places – again I was really taken by the colour and it’s knitting up well – it really doesn’t have the appearance of an inexpensive Acrylic and actually – at least I know it will wash well and won’t end up being a doll’s dress.

And finally, another cardigan. (Yes, I have a thing about cardigans it seems) Well, actually I’d make a plea for this one being a jacket because it’s much more fitted than other knitted upper body garments with buttons down the front that I’ve attempted in the past, but you’ll be able to see what you think as time progress.

My problem is that I love to start projects, but it seems my boredom threshold at the moment is set quite low and no sooner have I casted on and done my first few rows than something else catches my eye and I compulsively have to start on doing something else.

And it doesn’t stop there of course…as all of you seasoned knitters out there will know it is now less than three months until Christmas and those gift ideas that I promised I would do this year will not knit themselves. What to do??
Oh yes, and to cap it all I’m full of cold and overdosing on the Beechams’! Oh well, so much for the Autumn, roll on next summer.


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